Small Business Online Advertising – The New Medium to Increasing Profits?

Is small business online advertising an advertising medium you have thought about utilising in your business? Mediums such as Google AdWords, Facebook and other platforms offer very cheap advertising when you know what you’re doing.

But that is the problem…

If you don’t have a clue about pay per click advertising the cheap avenue that advertisers are raving about can become quiet expensive. And that’s where you as a business owner can really profit. While other business owners are investing big money trying to battle in the wild west of pay per click advertising, you can take advantage of cheap small business online advertising.

Not only are these strategies FREE, but they are sustainable avenues which, when done correctly, can get you more visitors to your website than you can poke a stick at.

Just have a think, when you’re searching for something specific on Google… when was the last time you clicked on the sponsored links. (yes these are the ones on the right hand side and people pay money every time someone clicks on them) I personally, 99% of the time, will click on the organic results in the middle… and as much research shows, this is where the majority of the clicks are going.

So don’t get me wrong… you should have a presence on as many spots as possible on the first page of Google. I am not in any way suggesting you should disregard the power of pay per click. But when it comes down to it… as a small business owner, without a million dollar advertising budget… would you rather pay every time someone visits your website, or do some hard work upfront… and get FREE visitors to your website like clock work.

This is where the real money is at, in small business online advertising – it truly is the new medium to increasing your business profits. So you ask… “how can you take advantage of this advertising medium” Well here’s a small list of the kind of marketing you can do, all at very low or no cost, which will give your website a boost in the search engines and drive visitors directly to your website.

You could do organic marketing which entails writing articles and submitting them to directories such as Ezine articles, build Squidoo lenses and other Hubpages which build links towards your website or develop a few videos and submit them to video directories such as YouTube. The beauty about these strategies is that they will give you direct traffic to your website while at the same time, build a back link network boosting your website higher up in the search engine results. (Google loves this)

Yes… this is where you want to be if you have any interest in getting maximum traffic flowing towards your website. So these strategies combined are truly the new medium to increased profits. It is a free advertising avenue that, when mastered, can give your business a massive flow of new prospects, customers and bump in sales.