Best Small Business Ideas Part 1

Gone are the days when you will be trapped on your workstation 8 hours a day. You are given more freedom to manage your time and even spend most of it with your families and friends.

But what are the business you can venture into? Here are top 5 business ideas that will earn you the bucks you want at the least expense.

1. Tutor computer courses.

Everybody is enamored with Internet and computer technology these days. That is why there are hundreds of students taking up computer courses. The problem is the subjects can be too complex that they need reinforcements. If you are a master of any operating system or adept in any of the programming languages, then you can share your expertise and become a tutor. You can earn through per-hour sessions. You can even integrate your mini-course to your local community college.

2. Sell coffee.

By nature, majority of men are coffee drinkers. You can bank on an increase of almost 65 percent of profits for every cup just by selling specialty coffee. You can either purchase or simply lease an espresso cart. It comes in handy when you join in special events around your community like a sporting event or a concert.

3. Transcribe medical records.

Count how many doctors there are even in your neighborhood and how much they need someone to jot down in electronic documents their reports. That’s what you should venture on. In fact, medical transcription is one of the most in-demand home-based professions. If you are so knowledgeable in biological science, then there’s no reason this is going to be very hard for you. You can charge per hour or, better yet, per word.

4. Organize homes and offices.

Obsessive-compulsives can find great use of their personality by helping cluttered homes and offices in the area. You can help straighten files, clean messy drawers and cabinets, or even dispose those that are just adding to the clutter.

5. Design T-shirts.

If you are someone looking for a space to express your art, why not do it in blank shirts instead? You can either draw or add different kinds of accessories to come up with unique prints. You can then sell them in trade fairs, in your yard, or in the marketplace.